Soccer and Our Love For the Game All Over the World!

Imagine a game that requires not a $100 console, requires not a net or hoop, requires not a certain type of field but all it requires is something in the shape of a sphere. This is precisely the imagination which provides soccer as the most popular sport in the world. Whichever country you go to, whether it is a developed country like America or a poverty struck nation like Zimbabwe, you will always find people playing soccer.Soccer does not need anything fancy, just one ball and anything for goals and then anyone, no matter what skill level can join in and have fun. Even when not playing, watching soccer is fantastic, you witness players out their giving it their all but above all having fun. You see the fans in the stadiums singing their hearts out, players not giving up till the final whistle blows; is this not the beautiful game of soccer?Another reason is that it is loved by the modern world, the media and those who want fame and riches alike. Soccer produces some great revenue for the media with popular figures like David Beckham. And these days players can earn $20,000 a week easily by playing in a top league. In addition to this it’s a great, easy and fun method of recreation and exercise, the youth and elderly alike can take part in it. You can go to a different country with a different language but still understand each other by playing football!Not only those, practically every country in the world can participate in the grand soccer competitions, whether they are continental or even the great world cup competition. And every person in the world can push their nation forward, hoping for victory. It is not so long ago that I traveled briefly through Africa, and an image of two young boys playing football was put before me. They were using long branches and sticks as goals and a ball made of some type of leather and this was in the midst of nowhere. Joining them for a few hours felt like an honour, I could not speak to them directly in their native tongue, still they were clearly understandable and all over the world someone, somewhere will be writing a soccer blog!The game is loved so much worldwide precisely because it is the language we all speak.Nothing special is needed for soccer; anyone can play it if they wish to do so. Everything associated with soccer is so simple and beautiful; that is what makes it the game we all love.